shortcut key for bullet lists (or automatic lists!)

So I’m on my 25 day trial of Scrivener for Windows. Loving it.

Current key frustration:
So far, it seems the way to make bullet lists is to have to manually use the toolbar button or Format menu every time. I’m still hoping I’ve missed something, but if not, Ouch.

In both Word or OneNote, I can type an “*” and [space] and instantly I’m converted to bullet lists. Super quick.

I’d settle for having to use a less automatic shortcut. So I tried to work through the manual keyboard shortcuts options. But I can’t find any way to link to a “bullet list” or “outline” with this!

Thanks for helping out a newbie. Am I missing something?

I’m on the same page. Does anyone have an answer for this?

The only way I’ve found to do this on the Windows side is to use the menu bar keyboard shortcuts. Make sure Scrivener is the active program and then…
Press the ALT key on your keybaord
Press the R key
Press the L key
Finally, use your arrow keys to choose the list style you want.

It’s a little quicker I guess,

Hope this helps, Chris

As Chris says, the only way to do this at the moment shortcut-style is to use the Alt accessibility keys. We’re hoping to implement a way for users to add any menu items to the shortcut list in the future, so with that and a couple adjustments in the list menu you’d be able to assign a shortcut for this. In the meanwhile, depending how and where you use lists, you might just find it faster to use a copy/paste on a list item to snag the list formatting.

Sorry, had to go to dinner…

On the Mac side, use these keyboard shortcuts…

  1. Make sure Scrivener is the active window.
  2. CTRL+F2 to access the menu bar.
  3. Start typing FORMAT to get to the format menu and then press the Enter key.
  4. Start typing LIST to get to the list menu and press Enter.
  5. Type the key that’s the style you want or use the arrow keys to get you there and press Enter.

That’ll start your list.

Thanks, Chris

Oops, missed that one of the posts was on a Mac. In addition to Chris’s directions above for using the Help menu to do this, you can set up a keyboard shortcut there for a list style using System Preferences, as explained here: … er-for-mac Once you’ve done that and created the list, you can use the Next List Style/Previous List Style shortcuts Opt-Cmd-Right/Left to cycle through the various styles.

You can shortcut this a little by using cmd-? to bring up the help menu, then type ‘List’ (no need for ‘Format’ first. All the bullet points will be in the drop down menu. If you want a numbered list, just type 1, rather than ‘List’.

But if you’re going to do it a lot, then Jennifer’s is the simplest way, I think.

Finally, if you’re not bothered about the style of the bullet, then opt-tab gives you a ‘-’ bullet style which will then persist throughout the list.

You can always do a search and replace on it later on to change to your preferred style later on.