Shortcut key to move from Binder to Editor?

Hi all!

I keep making this mistake and wonder if there’s a key I could be using instead. In the Binder, I add a new document and name it… then, I hit TAB, because my brain thinks, “That will take me to the editor”… You are probably shaking your head and saying, “No, that takes you to the next document to edit the title.” Yeah. Exactly.

Taking my hands from the keyboard to mouse over to the Editor window slows my mental work-flow. (I struggle with typing on a good day – can’t seem to get/keep my fingers on the right keys.)

Is there a key-binding for this change-of-focus? If I had a clue what to search for here on the forums, I would have gladly hunted for the answer…but I’m drawing a blank. Any help is appreciated!


CTRL + Tab

You are my new hero. Thank you!


I just moved to the v3 Beta (RC15) and it appears this is no longer true. I was just getting used to it, too… :frowning:


v3 uses, by default, a new set of shortcuts. Why!? I have no idea.


You can switch back to the v1’s by going to: Options → Keyboard → Click on the little arrow beside the Import button and select → Scrivener for Windows v1

This helped me because I didn’t know what to call the shortcut I was looking for. Looking at it in v1 Win gave me the name to look for in v3 Win – Meta+Alt+E for those who might find this thread later. Under the category of “Navigation”, the shortcut is Move Focus to > Supporting Editor. :slight_smile:

Thank you for highlighting the Import… pull down. I would have never thought to look for that!