Shortcut keys stop working, require restart


I’m using the shortcut keys in screenwriting mode a lot at the moment (I haven’t got very far fixing the problem of upgrading to 2.0 and having all the formatting change to General Text other than going through manually and doing it line by line).

So lot’s of Option-Cmd 2 to set ‘Action’, Option-Cmd 3 to set ‘Character’ etc etc.

But every once in a while they just stop working. Press them and nothing changes. Likewise pressing shift-cmd Y to bring up the little script format menu.

If I quit Scrivener and immediately restart it in the same place they resume working, no problem.

This has been happening for a few weeks, I’m just reporting it now…



Someone else reported something similar but I have never been able to reproduce it. Can you please provide the exact steps I need to see the problem for myself?


I’ll try and pin down how it occurs, although I often don’t notice it for a while when I’m reformatting on auto-pilot.

I think it might have something to do with when I’m auto-tabbing in and out of other programs because I get an email notice for example, but I’ll keep you posted…

That’s exactly what the other user reported, but I couldn’t reproduce it (well, I think I did once, but I couldn’t again) and he can’t reproduce it now, either.

Also, see if it is improved with 2.0.1, as I did take a stab in the dark and add some extra code that I hoped might fix this when switching from other apps. I’ll have no idea if it works until it breaks though.


I currently have this issue any time I switch to another application and come back to Scrivener. It’s fixed by restarting Scrivener, but any time I switch to another application it immediately breaks again.

Yeah, I’m seeing this too. I’m in Script Mode, and though I haven’t figured out what triggers the shortcuts from coming and going (even without a restart, they seem to return after a few minutes), I did notice something related that might be a clue: When the shortcuts stop working, I also lose access to the contents of the Format > Scriptwriting > Change Element To submenu.


Yes, same exact thing happens to me. Haven’t figured out a fix other than restarting Scrivener or waiting it out.

The shortcut keys are taken from the Change Element To menu, so if that is empty, then that is why they aren’t working. The menu is removed and repopulated whenever a project is brought to the fore, or when the application becomes active. If there is no project at the front, it will be left blank. Thus it seems that something to do with switching applications is, in some circumstances, making Scrivener think there is no project when you switch back to it.

I would therefore be very grateful if you could pay attention to the exact way you are switching applications, and exactly how you are bringing Scrivener back to the front, and let me know, so that I can reproduce it.

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That’s a good point.

I have seem to narrowed down the shortcut keys failing whenever I switch away from Scrivener and switch back to it by clicking anywhere on the Scrivener window.

However, if I switch back to Scrivener by clicking on its icon on my dock, the shortcut commands remain functional. Expose also leaves the functionality untouched (I’m running Snow Leopard).

It does not appear to matter how I switch out of Scrivener (whether clicking on another window or dock item), only how I switch back to it.

That’s it! Thank you - this has been coming up for months, and that was the element I was missing. I’m not sure yet why that method of activating the application is different and not triggering the appropriate code, but now that I can reproduce it, it shouldn’t be too hard to track down and fix.

Thanks again, that should give me everything I need to fix it.

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I believe there’s could be a bit more to it.

The shortcuts can disappear without leaving scrivener.

I have a corkboard in the bottom editor and navigate through it to write scenes. When selecting the next card a blank page appears in the top editor. When I activate script mode (cmd 8) to write the scene the show script element menu is grey (not selectable).
To ‘fix’ this I leave scrivener with cmd tab and return to it with cmd tab and then the show script element menu works fine.

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Please try the latest beta and see if that fixes it - it should:

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