Shortcut Navigation from Quick Ref Editor to Bookmarks Sidebar

Hi folks,

I’ve got a Quick Ref panel with the Bookmarks Sidebar revealed, as in the photo below.

I can press tab to get from the Sidebar into the Quick Ref’s editor.

What do I press to get from the editor back to the Sidebar?

I can’t figure it out, and both the Quick Ref menu and the Scriv manual seem to be silent on this navigation point. But I’m sure there’s a way to do it, because every now and then I inadvertently blunder from the editor over to the Sidebar via keystrokes.

Thank you.


I had to leave that little bit of information out of the manual, because this part of the design was never implemented. It should be using the FocusNextMajorElement keyboard shortcut control (top entry in Navigate/Move Focus To. Likewise the inspector navigation and interface split shortcuts should be working, for managing that kind of stuff.

Okay, it hasn’t been implemented yet. That matches what I’m seeing, as none of the usual navigation shortcuts will take me from the QR editor to the QR Bookmarks Sidebar.

Thanks Ioa.