Shortcut not working on Mac

I’m trying to use the simple disconnect notes shortcut.
Command + <.

It doesn’t work. My system is french but the keystrokes are the same.
It would be nice to make our own shortcuts.

Yeah, there are a few shortcuts here and there that don’t work in different layouts. We do our best to avoid that, but with so many different combinations of keys, it’s impossible to have a set that works for everyone.

That you can do, for any program on your Mac in fact.

Indeed it works for Scrivener but sadly not with Scapple or
I am missing something.

Try using the Notes->Disconnect method instead of just Disconnect? It seems to be working fine for me either way.

Yes. That’s what I am doing. It is just more practical with a shortcut.

I mean use the first text sample in the menu name field, instead of just “Disconnect”. I don’t think it should need the full menu name, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t be working for you. I tried several different custom shortcuts and they worked fine.

Ok. I got it to work.
I didn’t realize I needed to put the same name.