shortcut to align notes?

Is there a shortcut to align notes (Left edges)?

As far as I know, there isn’t a keyboard shortcut. You can do this using cntrl/rt click or the Menu. Sec. B5, Pg.92 of the PDF manual is the Notes Menu section. Alignment is explained on Pg.95 *(see edit below for Windows): … letter.pdf

*Edit: Read Windows PDF manual Sec. B4, Pg. 84 for the Notes Menu section and Pg. 87 for alignment. I don’t have the Windows version so I don’t know if there’s a keyboard shortcut. … letter.pdf

“You can do this using cntrl/rt”

Can you please specify what you mean by cntrl/rt?
Yes, I read the Windows manual. Maybe there is an undocumented shortcut, hence the question.

Control click or right click. The normal abbreviation is CTRL click, sorry.