Shortcut to create text within a selected folder or Drafts?

Hello, I am searching for a shortcut to directly create a text within a selected folder or drafts if possible? Sometimes I am in the process of writing and have an Idea reagrding an other proejct, but I just want to hammer it through, want it to be saved in the outliner folder and deal with it later. Is there any way have a keyboard shortcut for this?

Thank you!

There are several ways to do this.

You could use the ScratchPad.

You could create a Document Note or a Project Bookmark.

You could create a new document at any point in your hierarchy.

You could type directly into the document you’re using, then use the Document → Split command to create a new document from the “note” text.

Appendix A in the manual has a complete list of shortcuts.


Okay, I will be more precise with my request:

I want to automate a shortcut, which creates a text inside my drafts folder within scrivener. I want to triger this shortcut from the OSX Services menu. Howver in order to prgram that I need to know whether there is a shortcut within Scrievner to create a note directly within the drafts folder. Maybe someone can help me out. Thaknks.

Edit: I dont wan to use Scratchpad.

Are you working inside the Scrivener project when you make these notes, or you’re working on something else and you get a good idea which you want to incorporate with the minimum of fuss into the project without having to do it manually?

Notes from outside Scrivener:

If it’s the latter then perhaps you can use the External Sync folder mechanism.

Set up an external folder for syncing, using RTF as the base document style (you’ve not said you’re using Markdown, but that’s also available).

Use whatever editor you want to create your ideas (or set up a workflow to fit your precise needs) making sure the filename you give them is something you’ll recognise in the Binder and save them in the External Draft folder in Finder. The next time you open Scrivener, those documents will be in your Draft folder (and any changes you make to them in Scrivener will propagate out to the external files.

There are few wrinkles to setting this up, so rather than give you detailed instructions, I’d suggest you look at what the feature does and how to create it in the Manual, S14.3 Synchronised Folders

Moving notes straight to Draft internally
If it’s the former, then you can use Keyboard Maestro for chaining Scrivener commands (e.g. Move to Drafts folder then create a new document using Template X with the title Y and so on.

Or you could simply assign a shortcut to “Move to Draft”, and then write your new note anywhere in the project and then press that shortcut.

Perhaps one of these will help?

Thank you. I am thinking about writing an apple script.
I have to implement the follwing. If anyone is good in Apple Scripts or even wrote something like this I would be happy if the peroson could share it.

The Apple Script needs to contain the following

  1. Navigate> Go To >Drafts Folder
  2. Navigate > Reveal in Binder
  3. Project > New Text

Why AppleScript as a matter of interest — Scrivener doesn’t have AppleScript support, as far as I know, so you’re pushing against the grain, when there are tools which are designed to do this.

Have a look at Keyboard Maestro, it’s made for controlling programs in this way. A few years ago I wrote some macros in it which did much the same as you’re looking to do. Here’s the start of one which prompts for the name of a character and then creates a new character sheet in the correct folder. It would be fairly simple to adapt to do what I think you want:

[attachment=2]Screenshot 2021-04-04 at 22.29.40.png[/attachment]

It was called from a palette of such actions — In Scrivener, I pressed a shortcut and was given this palette of various documents which could be created automatically (chosen by a key):

[attachment=1]Screenshot 2021-04-04 at 22.32.24.png[/attachment]

Keyboard Maestro is brilliant for this sort of thing — it’s one of the first programs I put on any Mac. If you’ve not come across it before, it’s well worth checking out the free trial. It does a lot more than just what I’ve shown here (it also interacts with AppleScript…)

Your list of actions is trivial to program in Keyboard Maestro: the action below took me about 90nseconds to put together just now (you essentially just add the menu items to a list and then KM runs them on demand), so you can see how powerful it is.

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-04-04 at 22.42.44.png[/attachment]

(BTW, you don’t actually need your first two actions: Navigate > Reveal Draft Folder does the same thing in one move — you can of course give it a shortcut if you want.)

The Activate Scrivener action which starts the macro means that if Scrivener isn’t the front application, it will bring it to the front, or start it up if it’s shut down — so this macro can be run globally, if you want. You could also chain other actions before or after it, of course. (E.g highlight text in Safari to populate your note.).


Hello everyone.

Thank you everybody for your help. Because of your help, I was finally able to achieve what i wanted through Better Touch Tool (BTT). Check the Screenshot for the “Command” in BTT. It works like a charm.

If anyone has additional ideas or improvements I would be happy to know.