Shortcut to edit Title?

Is there a shortcut to edit a Title that avoids the need to click on it)?

I know it’s a simple question. :smiley: – but I didn’t see this in the manual or the (Unofficial) Keystroke Quick Guide.


Not really… One app can only have so many shortcuts. :slight_smile: Sorry, you’ll have to reach for the mouse for this one…

All the best,

Sorry – I posted in error – B then works just fine. (A third-party package was interfering.)


Another trick, if aren’t merely changing a letter or two, is to just type the desired title in the edit area, select it, press Cmt-Opt-Shift-T, and then hit delete.

Thanks – that’s very useful. I’ll be buying Scrivener today.

Should I send this shortcut along to Wock to add to the Keystroke Quick Guide or are you compiling a list of additions?