Shortcut to jump to predefined file.


I would like to ask, whether there is any shortcut(or any way to make a shortcut) that will let you jump from any file inside scrivener into predefined file or folder. Instead of just manually looking for that file inside Binder.

Thank you for any suggestions.

You can use View > Go To to jump to any file without using the binder. Or, if you want to set up some files that you want to jump to regularly, you can use Favorites (in the Documents menu).

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Another trick that I frequently use is the Edit/Find/Find Synopsis… tool. With this you can quickly search by title and synopsis, tab into the list of results and then either hit the Spacebar to load it as a QuickReference panel or if you want to work on it more extensively, drag and drop the correct result into the editor header bar to load it there in the main project window. Then just hit Cmd-W to close that and continue working.