Shortcut Toolbar Cropped

OK, here’s the inverse problem to the one I reported in [url]]. That one seems to have cleared up with newer MacOS releases, but now I have the shortcut toolbar cropped in full screen mode when I have “Always autohide toolbar in full screen mode” unchecked. (see screenshot below.)

Once again, this may be an Apple bug, introduced when they fixed the first bug. Or it may be a Scrivener bug—no way for me to know. What say you, L&L?

System details: I’m using Scrivener 3.1.5, under MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave), on a Macbook Air 11, 2015.

EDIT: Once this appears, the cropping persists even when I move the project OUT of full screen mode. The only way to restore the full toolbar is to close and reopen the project.

I’m going to guess it’s an Apple bug, because we just use Apple’s toolkit for “standard” window elements like that. FWIW, I don’t see it in Catalina.


I suspect you’re right, and at some point the Apple code overwrites the height you specify with its own internal idea of how high a toolbar ought to be. :confused: It doesn’t happen every time, tho. If I spot any further pattern, I’ll let you know.

Further info: This is triggered (intermittently) by moving a full screen (NOT composition mode!) Scrivener view automatically from one monitor to another. Example: I have Scrivener in a full-screen view on my large monitor connected to my Macbook Air 11, which is in clamshell mode. I open the screen on my MacBook Air, thus making it the primary display and moving all my full screen apps to the MBA. The Scrivener view exhibits the cropping.

Yes, I did this before the first occurance, and I did it before the second occurance. No, I haven’t yet noticed other commonalities nor can I yet produce it at will.

OK, got it, and almost certainly an Apple bug.

Because I have vertically narrow screens (MacBook 11 and an LG Ultrawide 21:9 ratio external), I have “Automatically hide and show the menu bar” turned ON in System Preferences : General. Under some strange set of circumstances involving switching screens, desktop spaces, and full-screen apps, this gets turned OFF “behind my back”. IF this happens AND I have Scrivener in full-screen mode AND switch physical screens THEN the shortcuts toolbar gets cropped by exactly the height of the menu bar.

I have several apps in full screen mode and switch among them, so I may not see an ordinary desktop space for hours or days in order to notice the change in menu bar behaviour.

Now, I say almost certainly an Apple bug, because none of my other apps that I constantly keep in full screen mode (Firefox, Evernote, and Mail at present) exhibits this problem. Each of them maintains more than one toolbar (Firefox has three, and Mail and Evernote two each). Mail I understand—if it did this, Apple would fix it. But Firefox and Evernote don’t enjoy this advantage. So there is still in my mind a possibility that there is something strange about the Scrivener shortcut toolbar that leaves it vulnerable.

It may be connected to another Scrivener behaviour I’ve noticed before: If I happen to have Scrivener NOT in full screen mode, sometimes even though the menu bar is hidden, Scrivener’s window will refuse to move to the top of the screen, always making room for the hidden menu bar.

Anyway, I’m not going to nag or pursue this one any further. It’s an annoyance-level behaviour at worst; except for the rare times that the toolbar gets cropped at the end, I can keep on working just fine. Thanks for listening!

P.S. One more thing. Again to maximise vertical content space, I have my dock hidden at the bottom of my screen as well.