Shortcuts don't work when using keyboard in a different language

System wide shortcuts such as copy/paste does work - as should
but using specific Scrivener shortcuts such as Ctrl+F for search - it just does nothing.
For example if I want to search something, I first have to switch back to the English keyboard, press Ctrl+F, then switch back to the language I was writing in to preform the search. This happens for ANY scrivener shortcut. Needless to mention… This is not a standard practice in any other writing app that I know of. using modifiers CTRL ALT SHIFT is not language specific…

Can one of the developers please respond to this issue?
At least acknowledge this bug ?

Seriously? Does this work for anyone?

[Note that I am not a developer, but rather a simple user like you.]

If by different language you mean different keyboard layout, indeed it won’t work if the keys are assigned different symbols.
Since for you none of the “unconventional” shortcuts work, it is either due to one (or both – ain’t counting shift here, as it needs to be accompanied by either ctrl or alt) of the modifier keys ending up acting different in whatever language pack you are using, or simply that your Key-to-unicode differs.

In Scrivener’s Keyboards options, your keyboard being set to your X language, try reconfiguring a “Scrivener specific” shortcut that won’t work for you to what in theory it should have been. In other words, just reprogram it to be what “it already is”, and see if you get something different than what you would’ve expected to have typed.

Ultimately, if you do indeed get a different result than expected, you could reprogram the shortcuts you use. (Ain’t a wonderful solution, but it would work.)
→ Or figure out a different keyboard layout that corresponds to your typing needs, but actually works.

P.S. It would help if you tell us what language pack you are using.