Shortcuts for special characters?

I really like Scrivener. I’ve just started using it for translation projects that involve multiple languages, and it’s great to be able to keep all of my work open at once.

Here’s the problem: I need to transliterate documents from Central Asian languages into Latin characters, and that involves using special characters like “ḥ” and “ö”. Usually, in Microsoft Word, I used custom keyboard shortcuts that inserted combining diacritical marks (umlauts, macrons, dots, etc.). For example, my umlaut was CTRL+SHIFT+’, while my macron was CTRL+SHIFT±.

I can’t do this in Scrivener, as far as I can tell, and I really miss the functionality. I could just keep opening the character map, but that is very slow.

My question: Is there any way to make a macro for special characters in Scrivener such as I have described above?

Thank you very much!


There’s not a way to create macros in Scrivener for this, no, although if you have a third-party tool like a text expander, that should work to create the substitutions and so forth in Scrivener. You could also check out different keyboard languages and layouts, as you might be able to do this more simply by switching to a different layout while you’re working.

You might want to check out PhraseExpress. It’s free and would allow you to set up macros like that.

Thank you both very much! I’m using PhraseExpress, and it’s serving my needs very well.


I used PhraseExpress for a while, but recently switched to Clavier+ and have been much happier with it. It’s more customizable, less intrusive, and costs nothing.