Shortcuts misbehaving in Tutorial

Hi all,
I’m working my way through the tutorial, and finding that following the menus tend to produce the intended effect, but using shortcut keys instead has unintended consequences.

Example (Reveal in Binder shortcut):
Step 2: Header view ends by instructing users to get to step 3 via the “go to” menu. No problem.
Step 3: Footer view begins by instructing users to use the “reveal in binder” function. Selecting “view–>reveal in binder” does move the focus in the binder to Step 3. However, using the shortcut of Shift+Ctrl+8 moves the location of Step 2 in the binder to above Step 1 and doesn’t change the focus.

Example (History Navigation Shortcut):
Attempting to use the shortcut key of Alt+Shift+Left/Right arrow to navigate history also produces weird effects. History buttons respond as they should, but shortcut moves focus (seemingly randomly) around the binder.

I’m a big shortcut user, so this is driving me a little batty! Help?

Hello Ctrl,
Until better help comes your way, you might just want to check that your shortcuts are the correct ones. Take a look at the menu item Tools/Options/Keyboard there you will find a selection of settings i.e. load defaults or import Scrivener, word ect. I had a couple of problems after downloading which were resolved by importing the scrivener settings.

Ctrl+Shift+8 is the correct shortcut for Reveal in Binder, so I’m not sure why this doesn’t seem to be working for you. Could you provide the exact steps to reproduce the issue you’re seeing?

The tutorial does have an out of date shortcut listed for Previous/Next Document in step 3 of the Step 2: Header View document, so I’ve made a note for that to be updated. Alt+Shift+LeftArrow will move you to the enclosing group and Alt+Shift+RightArrow goes to the editor selection (options in the View > Go To menu). To move to the previous/next document in the binder, you want Alt+Shift+UpArrow/DownArrow.

The shortcuts for Backward/Forward in Document History are Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+].

On my install (v1.5.7.0 running on Windows 7 64-bit) the “Reveal in Binder” doesn’t work at all! :frowning:


Could you please describe the exact steps you’re taking, the result, and what result you expect? The command certainly works in general, so the more details you can give to explain the specific set up you have wherein it’s not working would be very helpful.