Shortcuts please

Searching the forum, I found reference to a promise to implement keyboard shortcuts before the full product launch, so this is just a friendly reminder. :wink:
I am sure I am not the only one who prefers keeping my fingers on the keyboard as much as possible and avoiding the repeated need to reach for the mouse, which can so disrupt the flow.
I was going to list all the functions I would love to know the keyboard shortcuts to (split document, moving the cursor from the binder to the text, open in other editor, reveal corkboard, reveal in binder, open options…) but it gets pretty long, and I am sure they are on the to do list somewhere.

I’d like to vote for custom shortcuts at some point too.

Check out shortcuts pdf in the resources found in the directory/folder where you have installed Scrivener. There’s a lot more than there used to be.


I would love to be able to navigate to the next (or previous) item in the outline without leaving fullscreen mode, for instance. While using the editor, as well, it would be great to navigate up and down the documents in the binder without having to touch the mouse.

it is in the resources subdirectory/folder – filename “Scrivener_Shortcuts.pdf”