Shortcuts suddenly not working

Hi, my systems are Windows 11 and Scrivener 3. I’m a regular user of the Speech playback function and up until yesterday it worked perfectly well. I haven’t had any updates in my system in the last few days, but now when I press the usual Command-Shift-Tilde buttons, the speech function does not activate. So I’m stuck going back to the Edit, Speech, Start Speaking menu pull downs. Once speaking, the Stop Speaking menu options must be used, and not the Command-Tilde combo. Curiously, if I first enter a tilde before the text, then immediately use the hotkeys, the speech sometimes works!

Anyone have an idea what’s going on? Of course, I’ve reset / shut down my computer multiple times, but the problem persists.

Maybe try speech icon in toolbar as well or create a custom shortcut for speechplayback based on F keys depending on keyboard.

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Ahhh, very good! Customizing the toolbar to include the Speech Icon seems to work! Thanks.