shortcuts to styles

In my article writing I use a title style, subhead and body a lot. You have a pull down menu to select the style from a list of about 6. I’d like to be able to switch to a listed style without having to leave the keyboard, grab the mouse, pull down the menu, select sub-head. then hit enter back to the mouse and pull the menu down again and go back to body. Something as simple as ctrl-alt-# with the number being the position on the list or whatever. It is a simple thing, but would allow me to maintain the flow a lot easier.

If it already exists, let me know and I’ll be even more grateful because I won’t have to wait.

We can use accelerator keys in the naming of our formatting presets. This merely requires placing an ampersand before the desired character. So if we made a preset called &Moderator we could apply it to text via

Format > Formatting > Apply Preset > Moderator

or keyboard sequence Alt-r r a m


Rgds – Jerome

Thank you. A bit cumbersome, but not bad. Clearly better. I re-defined the header and subhead and body which I’d already defined the way I wanted. I just put an & in front of them. I’m just learning the program and didn’t even understand about the & or adding and modifying presets. - Or for that matter, the difference between pre-sets which I’d never heard of, and style sheets.

Oddly, modifying a preset actually adds another one with the same name, at lease if you change the name as part of the modification.

Anyway, thanks