Hi, I have created a number of shortcuts to work with scrivener through the application shortcuts in the system preferences. They don’t seem to work across projects. I am currently working on three separate projects and the shortcuts I’ve made only work on the project I had open when I created the shortcut. Can you help me out? Is there a way to make these shortcuts work universally throughout all my scrivener projects.
Thank you so very much ! I love Scrivener.

Shortcuts are application level, not window level. The only real exception to that would be where menu commands are being generated by project content, such as the Navigate ▸ Collections ▸ submenu. Stuff like that tends not to be recognised by macOS until you look at the menu once per session, I find. It has to do with how the menu is not cached until you use it, I’m sure. It might be that searching from the Help menu might build a full cache as well come to think of it.