Hi all,

Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts in Scrivener?

And is there a shortcut that allow us to change what document to work on if the layout is split? (Basically moving from one document to the other.)


– MJ

I doubt one has been compiled yet. Shortcuts have been shifting around with each release to make space for new functions – or simply to make them more intuitive. There is a little program called KeyCue that makes finding an application’s shortcuts easy, but it costs a little.


There is no list of keyboard shortcuts and I don’t think there really needs to be one, given that just about every keyboard shortcut can be found by looking in the menu. Every item in the menu lists its keyboard shortcut next to it, so the menu is the list. The only exception is the keyboard shortcuts for shifting between notes, keywords and references in the inspector (cmd-6, cmd-7 and cmd-8), and these are shown in the tooltips when the mouse is over the buttons.

As for shifting between split views, checkout View > Navigate Views for the menu commands and associated keyboard shortcuts for this.


Thanks to you both.

– MJ

Cmd- 8) – I like it!

I am sure there is one and feel rather silly that i haven’t found it in help files and forum posts, but is there not a shortcut i can use for quickly editing the names (renaming) binder texts and folders. Of course on a PC this would default to F2, and on a Mac this might usually be the RETURN or enter key. I know i can opt to turn the ENTER feature OFF so that ENTER doesn’t produce new texts, except that I like and want that feature. I just want another shortcut to quickly rename the doc/folder, for quickly reworking my documents…

Try the ESC key. It works as a toggle, so if you press it once you’ll enter edit mode, and again to confirm. You can press ENTER also to confirm.