Shorter shortcut to fullscreen?

Pardon the newbness, but is there a way to navigate from the corkboard or outliner directly to fullscreen without going through the editor?

What I find myself wanting to do is select a card from the corkboard draft screen (in my case cards represent either chapters of a book project or a chunk of a magazine article) then Cmd+Opt+F to write in fullscreen.

Ideally, having entered fullscreen this way, I’d like to exit back to the same view via either Esc or Cmd+Opt+F. If Scriv remembered how I entered fullscreen (from editor, outliner or corkboard) and just kicked me back to the same view on exit that would be fine.

This doesn’t have to be by keyboard shortcut – it could be a clickable icon or a context menu choice instead. I know there’s an icon to get to the editor, and I see the context items are specific functions performed on the document, so I thought shortcut keys would be the least obtrusive.

Fullscreen is an alternate mode of the editor, so I understand why it works the way it does. Still, a way to go fullscreen without detouring through the editor would speed me up. I’m so new to Scriv that I’m not sure if this is a support request or a feature request. Or am I just full of newb?

(1.08 on 10.4.10 Intel)

And thanks in advance for the consideration. Scrivener is a terrific value, this forum makes it even more commendable.

Hi BikeRanger,

Currently there is no way to do this, as you have surmised. It’s a nice idea, though, and it makes sense given that you can select multiple documents in the binder and hit full screen to place the selected documents in the binder in the document history for full screen. I’ll take a look at it, though I can’t promise that it will happen for 1.1, as it depends on how much rewriting of code it would take. I don’t think it should take much, but I have to remind myself of the code in question before I can say for sure.

Thanks and all the best,

Hello BikeRanger,

Welcome to the Portlanders Writers Bazar, aka Scrivener.

You havent by any chance, encountered a woman named Amber, stood on the sidewalk at a busy street intersection, selling cheap pirated copies of Scriv, have you? No! Perish the thought. Thats too bizarre for even me to contemplate.
It`s just that, Portland seems to have more resident writers than Ireland does. Is it something in the water, perhaps?

One wonders if there is some kind of coup d`etat afoot, or is it my rabid paranoia running rampant again.

Take Care

V ic

I’m beginning to think it’s a practical joke I’m not in on – on some email list a few months ago someone posted, “Let’s all sign up on the Scrivener forum and -like- pretend we all come from some really obscure place like… uh, Stockport, or… wait a minute, um, how about Portland, Oregon? Yeah, cool. But don’t sign up all at once. Let’s do it one by one over about a year just to creep them out.”

Either that or a strange quirk of PHP Bulletin Board software, perhaps: if you forget to fill in a location in the user profile that is what it defaults to.

As for whether it might have something to do with the water, Wikipedia says that Portland is known for its large number of microbreweries. If alcohol production and writers cluster, the causal factor must be water quality, I suppose.

Blast! Our nefarious plot is uncovered! Actually we’re all living in Keith’s rather spartan basement, but trying to make Scrivener seem like a worldwide phenomenon in order to boost the stock price. Maybe he’ll let us out for a stroll after the upcoming public offering.

Still… “obscure”? Good to hear that all those recent New York Times stories and Best City for Visiting/ Biking/ Walking/ Vegetarians/Indie musicians /Living /Slackers etc praises in various publications are being overlooked. As a former governor once said, approximately, “enjoy your visit but don’t stay.”

I’d agree that the microbreweries have something to do with it, except that Alexandria doesn’t indulge. It could have something to do with the coffee, however. Oh wait, she doesn’t quaff that either. Well, the rest of us will just have to make up for her.

So, actually, it must be the water: it rains 364 days per year, and maniacal trolls deformed by the toxics in the Willamette River and inflamed by overindulgence in hops, VooDoo donuts and Stumptown coffee (mentioned in this week’s NYT) roam the bike paths, eager to swipe the Moleskines from working authors on their way to Powell’s bookstore. They even chased Matt Groening to LA, and has anyone actually seen Ursula LeGuin here lately? So please, stay away: Our housing prices are high enough already. Obscurity is our friend.

They’re onto us, Keith, and, really, this basement is a bit cramped…

Thanks for the replies everyone, and for the quick response KB!

It’s not the water in Portland, nor is it the microbreweries – it’s the latte! Stumptown is also known for some great coffeehouses, another draw for writers in addition to the microbrews. Maybe writers just gravitate to liquids, whether caffeinated, alcoholic, or falling from the sky?

And we do have one other writers’ magnet: Powells, depository for the balance of my disposable income after beer and coffee. The main “City of Books” store has a great coffeehouse and it’s within easy walking distance to several local brewpubs. What more could you ask for?

Any Scrivener-ers that don’t already live here are welcome to come enjoy our liquids. And bring your bike – the other, other, other thing we’re known for.

nicka, sshhhhh keep your mouth shut, say nothing and well move ever so slowly towards the side exit and slip outside and escape. This place is getting a bit too Bada Bing-ish`for my liking.

Keep you gob shut! or we could end up Sleeping with the Fishes, capisce!!
Affecting an air of insouciance, move…very…very…slowly…HEY!!! what do you mean REALY obscure place like Stockport!!!..cheek!

Keith’s got a basement??? We must be paying too much for Scrivener! When I were a lass, I used to dream of living in a basement…

You do realise thats The Portland Mafia youre messing with there.

Get out now before you get kidnapped and end up as a lap dancer.

If there’s a basement, there may very well be a house above it. What we wouldn’t have given for a house, or even a basement. There were a hundred and sixty of us living in a small shoebox in the middle of the road.

Terry Gilliam

oops… was Terry Jones, of course, not Gilliam.

Strip bars… That would be the other, other, other, other thing.

PDX has more strip clubs per-capita than any other city in the nation. Oregon is second (per-capita) to West Virginia.

Not sure that’s a fabulous claim to fame, but definitely one of the things that makes River City unique.


Actually his basement is upstairs…

He wrote the original code on an Atari 2600, a journal notebook, two coffe cups, and a pizza box.

I’m still looking for that bottle opener…

PS: Keith is actually a code name for an ultra secret Mac code team that branched off of the Apple Newton Project (Code Named Stockport).

In the “Basement” there is a microbrewerie in the fridge and a fully stocked coffee bar next to the Microwave. The “basement” is actually an old Coffee shop that was renovated with small rooms for the coders to live in.

Don’t be fooled. Scrivener is a corporate project. I mean look at how nice the GUI is and those polished icons! Also you will notice that no matter what time it is “Keith” will always respond to posts for help, suggestions, or just about anything.

“Keith” has to be a team of at least twenty insominac coders cruising on caffien buzzes with consultants with the best authors and screenwriters in the industry.

It is definately a conspiracy of procrastination, beer, latte, and cheese puffs. 8)


Cheese Puffs??? Cheeeeky!!!

Ornamental cabbage plants*.
The other, other, other, other, other, other thing?

*So I have read (in a novel, as it happens. :stuck_out_tongue: )

List of characters for proposed, family sit com, called The Di Blountesconis

BikeRanger: Super Hero

Keefie Di Blountesconi: Portland Mafia Don, and West Coast Pirated Software Baron.

Amber Vaesca /Giugiaro: Consigliere to Di Blountesconi, and Hired Assassin. Exponent of the lethal bon mot.

Brett and Alexandria: a couple of Bonnie and Clyde like, foot soldiers.

Siren D`Lorelie: British housewife of staid and conventional habits/Notorious Society Femme Fatale.

Lieutenant. Phil Sheenan: Curmudgeonly Portland cop.
PC Eric Olthwaite: Michael Palin look-alike, rookie English copper, seconded to the Portland Police Bureau. Sheenan`s sidekick.

Harry the Wock: Di Blountisconi bagman and PPB stool-pigeon

Sammy the rhacer: Cycle courier for Di Blountisconi, Delivery Guaranteed Within the Hour

nicka: Bartender at Boom Boom Room/ part time reporter for PDX.

Vic-k: World renowned Crime Corespondent for the Cheadle and Gatley Chronicle (handsome, suave, debonaire and general all round good egg).

Hugh: Horticulturist. NB. character needs developing.

Ha! :laughing:

Not personally of course! No, that goes without saying.

Little short of useable info about Hugh.

How about: Bulk grower and purveyor of SKUNK, disguised as Ornamental Cabbages? How`s that?


Foot soldier! With a name like Alexandria? I think you’ll need to do better than that! Something much more regal, esoteric, learned. Perhaps she and Brett could have the Bonnie and Clyde persona along with a highly intellectual, think-tank capability as well. They could be a combination of the ones Keefie goes to when he needs high-level strategic thinking (along with Amber of course), as well as a kick-ass combo that can get the job done. Yeah, now that’s much more like it! I mean, Alexandria. Egypt. Mecca for the amalgam of science, philosophy, all manner of scholarship and learning. The name being derived from Alexander, “defender of humankind,” the conquerer who had Aristotle as a teacher. I mean, really, the possibilities are staggering.

Or perhaps I’m a bit biased about the subject?.. 8)

Ah, er, Alexandria

Jeeeeez!!! `av gorra neadache now!!!