Should an iOS purchase work on both iPhone X and iPad Pro?

Hi …

I’ve just bought Scrivener through the App Store on my iPad, I wanted to also install it on my iPhone for when I’m out and about and inspiration strikes. But when I go to the Scrivener app in the App Store on my iPhone, it doesn’t recognise that I’ve already purchased the app (usually signified by a cloud icon).

What am I doing wrong?

It should be—you would need to get in touch with Apple and let them know you have a purchase for a universal app that isn’t showing up on your other device. It could be they just need to clear something that is stuck in your iTunes account.

I just had this happen when buying another app. Sometimes it just takes a while for the purchase to filter through Apple’s system.

On the level of “Is it plugged in?” :smiley: questions: Are you using the same Apple ID on both devices? If yes, then I’d suggest removing the App Store from memory on your phone to force it to refresh its list of purchases. If that doesn’t work, try powering off your phone and powering it on again. The last is what finally worked with my recent purchase.

Hope this helps!

Thanks guys!

Uninstalling, rebooting and checking purchased apps fixed it.

Actually, I spoke too soon.

My iPhone hangs during sync with DropBox (Downloading file list gets stuck at 1 file), and my iPad won’t allow me to configure the DropBox folder I want to sync with.


Update … iPhone finally sync’d.

And I found out where the iPad settings are for the DropBox folder. A bit of UI love needed, methinks.

In case you need some more input. Your setup is exactly the one I have: iPad Pro and and iPhone X.
I wasn’t even planning on having Scrivener on both devices, but due to the linked Apple accounts, I got Scrivener on my iPhone as soon as I downloaded it on my iPad. It worked fine out of the box, Dropbox sync and all.