Should I just buy Scrivener 1 for Windows or use the Beta for Scrivener 3?

I don’t need anything very complex, it honestly looks like Scrivener 1 would be fine… but I’m wondering if when Scrivener 3 releases whether I would have to then purchase it to continue using Scrivener on Windows?

I’m also wondering if I should bother purchasing Scrivener 1 if I can just use the beta which, from a cursory glance, seems to have no definite end date.

I should add I don’t know how to even access the beta for Scrivener 3, nor do I know what has happened to Scrivener 2 forW Windows. Was Windows never updated?

If you buy Windows V1 now, you’ll get a free upgrade to V3 when the time comes.

Windows is going from V1 to V3 because it will have parity of features (and file compatibility) with the Mac Version 3, which has been released for some time.


The beta does expire at regular intervals. You can download it and get further information here:

Scrivener licenses do not expire. You can continue using Scrivener 1 after Scrivener 3 is released. Note, however, that the Scrivener 3 project format is not backward compatible, so reverting to Scrivener 1 if you’ve been using Scrivener 3 for a while may be a bit tedious.