Should I upgrade to MacOS Catalina?

I usually upgrade to the latest version of MacOS when the next version is announced. So Big Sur has been announced but I’m still afraid to upgrade to Catalina, because the bug rumours have been so discouraging.

Is it safe yet? Or should I keep my Macbook Air’s mask on?

My 2015 5K iMac (built in late 2016 it seems and is ex Apple display!) which came with Catalina, keeps crashing where my 2011 MBP is rock solid. I always blamed the OS. However in the last couple of weeks I ponied up, upgraded to TechToolPro v.12 for multiple machines, and it turns out the iMac has a RAM problem, so as soon as I’m able to go out—still shielding!—I’ll take it to see if Phil, whom I got it from, can do anything about it.

So, as far as I know, Catalina, now version 10.15.6 is OK. But I have to shut down within an hour of boot up or it crashes, so I can’t use it as much as I’d like.



From my wanderings around the internet I get the impression that some fairly well known Mac nerds/geeks are running Catalina and not (now) posting complaints – or at least not more than usual – about problems with the system. So the same question has begun to work its way into my mind: should I upgrade now? I’m beginning to think it might be safe, and I guess I will take the decision in the next couple of weeks or so. But I’m not filled with confidence, I have to say. I’ve even wondered about going straight to Big Sur after a decent interval. Decisions, decisions …

I bought my current iMac new last year and immediately updated it to Catalina. Can’t say I’ve had any issues.

I’m running Catalina on a 2015-vintage MacBook Pro with no–or at least minimal–issues. iCloud sync isn’t as consistently reliable across three devices as it was with Mojave; the 10.15.6 update needed a refresh of iCloud passwords. But otherwise, nothing more annoying than usual in the post-Jobs era.

I’m running Catalina on my 2019 MBP 13" without problems. My only reason for not upgrading my 12" Macbook is that Worms: Armageddon isn’t available for Catalina. :frowning:

I also waited until last month to upgrade to Catalina on my 2016 MPB. It’s been fine.

Thanks, folks! I think I’ll do the upgrade tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

I always do my upgrade when the new version comes out Catalina has been fine no issues

now my mac feels old at 2013 :slight_smile: thinking of a new laptop but this just works

Then my late 2011 MBP is ancient, but it too just works! But it won’t run anything after 10.13.6!



Thanks to all for your experiences! I have Catalina running on the 2015 MacBook Air 11, and besides the usual annoyances with tighter security and “what are they calling that app now?” it seems to be running fine.

Next year, about June or July, Big Sur!

Catalina has been rock solid since release. Like any OS, there have been ‘glitches’ for the occasional user but nothing like some of the Win update fiascos.

I will upgrade to Big Sur on release to be able to support customers on day one.

Probably about to jinx myself, but I have never had a ‘deal breaker’ or data threatening issue with any MacOS release going back all the way to Leopard when I stumbled back out of the Windows wasteland. (I still use Win also)