Should notes be copied on split?

I split scrivenings fairly often which always creates a copy of the document notes. I end up deleting all the copied notes. I can see why always copying the notes would be the smart choice and if I were more careful I’d remember to check to see if there’s info in the doc notes before doing a lot of splitting. I’m also probably unusual in that I’ll use this feature many times in a row off the same scrivening.

Yeah, they should. All meta-data carries over with the exception of snapshots. I agree it can sometimes come back to surprise you later on when you have half a dozen copies of a particular note. Keep in mind you can quickly clean stuff like this up with the binder navigation keys. While editing in the notes field, press Cmd-Opt-UpArrow and DownArrow to jump from one document to the next. So if you want to clean out five duplicate note fields, it’s easy to do.