Should Scrivenerati adopt Posy Simmonds as Patron Saint?

Its not because Im in love with her that Im proposing Posy, its not that at all. I happen to be in love with all the Guardian lady journos, my analyst says its an hormone imbalance; the medical term for it is; Warped. Im also proposing Margaret, Mil Millington`s girl friend
Those are my two nominees for beautification.

What I would like to see from other members of the Scrivenerati, are theyre nominations. Two each. If we get a reasonable response, we can hold a poll to choose the saint. Once chosen the saint can then be called upon when youre suffering from writer`s block, to intercede between the afflicted and the Gods on Mount Scriven, to remove the curse. A short prayer will need to be penned of course. Anybody know a writer.

Anybody up for this!!!

Take care