Should Scrivenerati adopt Posy Simmonds as Patron Saint?

Its not because Im in love with her that Im proposing Posy, its not that at all. I happen to be in love with all the Guardian lady journos, my analyst says its an hormone imbalance; the medical term for it is; Warped. Im also proposing Margaret, Mil Millington`s girl friend
Those are my two nominees for beautification.

What I would like to see from other members of the Scrivenerati, are theyre nominations. Two each. If we get a reasonable response, we can hold a poll to choose the saint. Once chosen the saint can then be called upon when youre suffering from writer`s block, to intercede between the afflicted and the Gods on Mount Scriven, to remove the curse. A short prayer will need to be penned of course. Anybody know a writer.

Anybody up for this!!!

Take care

I thought Posy Simmonds was that annoying Jackie-esque cartoon in the front of the Review section. Am I wrong? I hate those comic strips!

Good morning Keith,
Ive taken my Be sensible tablet so I may be able to respond to your post, in a non-asinine way, hopefully. Trouble is, the tablets are the beta version, and there are one or two side effect issues to be dealt with. But well give it a go
Posy Simmonds is the cartoon-ist; the Jackie-esque strip is one of the mediums she uses to tell a tale. But I`m sure you know that

Presentation: Jackie-esque, Content: decidedly Not Jackie-esque.

Im assuming that since you dislike strips so much, you didnt read them.
If thats the case, then I recommend you go Guardian Unlimited and archive search Posy Simmonds. Not all her stuff is strip. Her Literary Life` should be of great interest to the members of the Scrivenerati.

Like Bell and Trudeau she cuts right through the shit and tells it like it is.
More Trudeau-ish than Bell- like, she can go for the jugular, if she sees the need.

The Guardians Wallchart Guardian Readers, by Posy is an observational masterpiece. Observation is her forte. Apart from the universally recognizable celebrity figures i.e. Greer; Emin; Calow; Rankin; Cameron; Philips, she`s even got you Keith, when you were a nipper (Technicatus Praecox) but without the Spectrum.

As for all the other characters, Iknow every sodding one of them. Check out the teacher in the top RH corner heroes fatigus` I watched her walk through the front door looking like that for ten years. The figure is so realistic.

The old adage theres more to… than meets the eye` applies to Simmonds

Anyway, the tablets beging to ware off now.

Take care

Actually I quite like some comic strips, it’s just those Posy Simmonds ones at the front of the Guardian Review section that I don’t like. Sorry. 8) [Runs away, but promising to check out the other stuff you mentioned anyway.]

Jeffrey Bernard for his ability to recycle the same column week after week.

Vlad the Impaler as you would not argue with his choice of words and phrases.