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I’m working on a 4-act structure novel and I’d like to see all the cards laid out at once on the corkboard. If I select the full novel, I get four stacks of cards (Acts 1-4). If I select each individual act, I see the cards in that act laid out (like they were pinned to a board).

I want to see all the cards from all the acts at once, while keeping them nested in the file structure itself. I know that, in 1.9, there was something like a ‘show all’ button, but it un-nested everything, which was… well, unhelpful.

Is there a way to do this?

Check out Stacked Corkboards, section 8.2.8 in the manual. Selecting all four act folders at once (without their contents) should get you a 4-column (or row, if you prefer) corkboard, where you can drag cards between columns, etc.

Does that help?

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OMGosh, that did it! Thank you. Now I can see everything I need. <3

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