Show all occurrences of selected word / word completion

First of all I want to say that I like Scrivener very much because it leads the manuscript creation in an intuitive way.

Of course, I do not know all the features. And that is good. But maybe there is an option already that solves my questions

I miss two features:

  1. I would like to see all occurrences of a selected word in the editor (also composition mode) - that is a main feature I know from notepad++ and that helps me to find repetitions in a direct way.

I know that I can seen all occurrences via the project search (Strg + Shift + F) but unfortunately it is indirectly.

  1. I also appreciate to have a word completion with all already entered words of the whole manuscript - that is also a main feature I know from notepad++.

Is there a way to activate such features right now or the chance that they will be included once?

Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

In what way is it indirect? What does notepad do differently?

With direct I mean by double clicking the word only.
I do not need to select it, copy it, open the search and insert the word as search string.
Sometimes it helped me in notepad to find repetitions if I accidentally clicked on words during a review.
The functionality is already in Scrivener but not used by a simple double click.

I think you mean the opposite: that double-clicking is direct. I never used Notepad++, so I had no idea.

Yes, you are right. I changed it.