Show all projects on opening (like Scrivener on IOS)

I’m not sure if this is a request or a question.
I love the way that the IOS version shows all your projects when you open the app. Meaning you can jump between a number of projects at a time.
Is this a feature of the Mac version that I’m not seeing ? Or isnt it there ? I would love to open the app (on the mac) and see all my projects displayed and select which one I want, rather that open a Finder window to open them.
Is this feature non-existant or one that Im overlooking ? If not , is there any plans for this in any updates ?

This has been asked before and the answer has been that on the Mac everything follows standard Mac OS routines. You can easily search for all Scrivener projects both using Finder and from inside Scrivener

A difference between MacOS and iOS is that the Mac has a true file handling system whereas iOS devices don’t. Many of us don’t sync all Scriv projects with our iOS devices, only a selected few. Myself, I only have like 4-6 projects synced with my iPad but have close to two hundred projects on my Mac. Only the most current projects, the ones I am actively working on, are synced. All the rest still reside on my Mac HD.

Have you seen the Favorites function in the Scrivener File menu? Using that you can create something similar to what you have in iOS.

In the File menu, there is a list of recently opened projects. You can even designate some of them as “favorites”, which will be shown in near the Recents menu.

Also, the Mac version can have multiple projects open at the same time, so jumping between them is as easy as CMD - ~ ing between the windows, or if you work in full screen mode–a four-finger swipe on your trackpad (if you have that gesture set up in System Settings->Trackpad). I think by default, the Mac version will re-open projects that were open when you quit Scrivener. That’s CMD-q or File->Quit, not File->Close or using the red button at the corner of a Scrivener window to close each project.

Thanks for that. Wasn’t really aware of populating the “favourites” in the File tab. Very handy. I generally jump between working on the mac and ipad. Handy in bed for a bit of typing. Although the IOS version is not as full blown (of course) as the mac version I do like that visual feature of projects that the IOS version has. I only run about a dozen projects - so it isn’t an organisational nightmare. I can imagine if you are running a lot of projects at once then it could become very cluttered.
Thanks again for the help.