"show all"

Hi I have been trying to get the “show all” feature under Scrivener, but it doesn’t appear. Instead I get a window that says, along the top general, appearance etc. How do I get the show all window? Thanks Lozz

What is the “Show All” feature that you are referring to? I cannot think of anything that has that name that is also going to present a window. There is the Scrivener/Show All menu command, but that’s just a general Mac tool for revealing all hidden application windows behind Scrivener, it doesn’t even impact Scrivener, since it is obviously not hidden if you are interacting with its menus. It is the opposing command to the “Hide Others” command, just above it.

As for the window you described, that showed up when you use the Scrivener/Preferences command.

Sorry new at all this! I’m talking about what it says in the beginning of the tutorial, it says Click on Scrivener - then preferences - click on show all to get to the defaults. That’s what I’m talking about from a very limited knowledge base. Cheers lozz

Okay, I see what you are referring to now, I’m pretty sure that’s a reference to something that no longer exists. As noted in this paragraph, the only important thing is that Defaults button on the bottom of the Preferences window. You should be able to see that, there is no way to hide it any more.