Show and copy only highlighted passages?

Hello everyone!

I wonder if the above is possible? (highlight different passages of one looong text and then sumamrize it i na new document?

It would be soooooo helpful…
If anyone could tell me how to do it (if its possible) this bird shurely jumps… :idea

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Not really sure what you mean. You can select multiple passages, hit cmd-C to copy it and paste just those passages in a new document…

Something you could try is using the scratch pad. Either copy and paste, or drag and drop the desired text snippits into the scratch pad. When you have everything added to it that you desire, use the Destination drop-down to create a new document with the contents. The Scratchpad can be safely cleaned out at that point.

Well, I could see the utility in what I think Birdonbook has suggested.

If one was writting a book over many months, highlighting compose text for one reason or another - things that still needed to be researched, text that might be used for promo purposes, grammer questions, etc. - at the end it would be nice to gather all this highlighted text (by any or all highlight colors) into a seperate document, rather than stepping through searched for highights, then cutting and pasting them into such a document.

Perhaps another solution would be highlight/tag/filter.

So you can highlight text and tag it, then filter the text by tag, so Scrivener only displays the tagged text.

e.g., you filter by the tag “checkDates” and it shows you every highlighted section that you didn’t write a historical date for.

No idea if that’s ridiculously tough engineering, but it would be Insanely Great for screenwriting.


Using command key I did what you say inside a sentence:

“Once upon a time there was a software whose name was Scrivener”

I select words “there” + “was” + “Scrivener” and copy them.
Why, when I paste them, are they separated by a return and not a space?
Don’t you think it would be more practical…

Thank you all, a lot for your conspirative supervising!

Yes, my need is coming actually from overworking a 500 pages piece… :slight_smile:

So, now i will try out the different advices and see what works the best.
(If i get it right, there is no such function like the one i imagined… :unamused: )

…With a big (highlighted) smile,
BoB (from spring-sprang-out-Berlin)