Show Bookmarks → Click on Bookmarks → Reveal in Binder / open in Editor instead of Quick Reference Panel

When I
Show Bookmarks → click on bookmark → the document opens in a separate window (perhaps a quick reference panel) which I find inconvenient in terms of my workflow because I have to reveal the doc in the binder → close window → click on doc in the binder to view in the editor

I would like to be able to Show Bookmarks → click on bookmark → Document is revealed in the Binder and opened in the editor and . If this is not possible, as least revealed in the Binder and I will click on the doc in the Binder and reveal in the editor

thanks in advance for your time and help

Right-click to get a menu that includes all of these options (among others).


thank you Katherine. So I can’t change the default ?

No. The assumption is that Bookmarks are documents that you want to look at without disturbing whatever is in the main Editor window.

Could you describe your workflow in more detail? There might be another way to accomplish the same goal.


Do you mean bookmarks in the inspector? Because the closest menu command to what you mention is Project ▸ Show Project Bookmarks, but that loads what you click on into the main editor.

If you do mean the inspector, then the default can be changed in the Behaviors: Document Links preference pane, under Open Inspector bookmarks in…. The “Current Editor” selection would be closest to what you want. It won’t reveal the location in the binder, but I take it you’re mainly wanting that in order to get to it in the editor anyway. That setting is what I prefer, as I use bookmarks more for navigation and discovering related bits of text I want to work on, than referencing.

thanks very much Ioa. Great idea !

Just to answer my own question in case it interests forum users.
I made the mistake of DOUBLE clicking on the bookmarks→ opens in quick reference panel
If I SINGLE click on a bookmark, it opens in the current editor which is what I wanted.