Show child document colored status label is active on parent folder?

I enabled status colors in the Binder. Is there a way to show an indication on the parent folder that a child document(s) has an active colored status label? When the folder structure is collapsed in my Binder, I can’t tell which folder has child docs with active colored status labels.

There isn’t anything like that, not sure how that would work visually.

Would it not be more efficient to locate the labelled items directly, rather than having to scan through lists looking for indicators? Try setting project search to “Label” search mode.

Ok. I’ll try that out. Thanks.

Bear in mind, you can search for “*” with the Label setting on, and that’ll return a list of all items that have been labelled in any way, and if you want a more focused list, you can use the “Any Word” setting and provide a list.

Ok Thanks.