Show Current Editor document Indicator (Preference)

Scrivener 3 used to show (lighter highlight) the current document i was working on but not longer doers. It is checked in preferences. I’ve checked the preference box time and again, I am not missing it due to Label colors or anything of that sort. It’s just not showing. If there is another preference that could have affected this behavior I’m sure that’s it, but I’ve searched quite a bit to find why it no longer works.

Any ideas?

This should work - nothing has changed in this regard, and it’s all working for me. Are the enclosing folders open for the documents you are viewing? Bear in mind that the current document indicator will only show up if the document is not hidden in the binder, for example because its enclosing folder is collapsed.

All the best,

It works now. I’m apologize - I’ve been learning so much so fast that I wasn’t thinking on this one. I was navigating to a item in Group view (outliner) without actually going into the item itself so naturally there was no indicator.