Show Document Title in Scrivening (single) view

it is discussed under Windows beta test, but i think it is a major bug / strange feature that shoould stay in this forum

especially when going full screen we have no clue where we are!!

I guess you mean composition mode, not full screen mode?

I don’t understand what you mean. If you are in single document view in the binder, click on a specific document in the binder and then click the “composition mode” icon or hit option-command-F to enter composition mode, surely you know what you have selected? The idea behind composition mode is to only show the text, without distractions. An alternative is to actually use the fullscreen mode and have binder, inspector and format bar to auto-hide. Then you still see the name of the document at the top.

If you really need to know which document you’re in in Composition mode (single-document view), then just toggle the panel off and one with cmd-opt-i (or—I think… ctl-shift-i on Windows). You’ll see the document name at the top of the synopsis. This will change as you move through the documents (cmd-opt-up/down). You can change the background of the synopsis and notes to less distracting if you wish. (Actually, there are several panels you can pop-up, not just the synopsis one—that’s just the default. They all have the title visible though.)

Having to have a special setting which is either on or off for all documents seems to me to be less useful and flexible than being able to pop up the info if you need it.

Similar to the navigation button in the top-right corner of the editor header bar in standard editor and full screen (marked © in Figure 8.1 of the user manual, and described under the heading,
Jump to Scrivening or Corkboard
, pg. 152), Composition Mode has a special alternate function for the “Go To” button, found at the bottom of the screen. When working with Scrivenings, it becomes a session navigator, and also indicates which chunk of text is currently active.

[size=80]Click the “Go To” button in the Control Strip to view where you are in a longer session[/size]

And of course, as you can see from the screenshot, titles can be added to the sessions with the View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Titles in Scrivenings menu command.

Myself I prefer the ⌥⌘I trick Brookter mentions above, because I can press that and then get back to writing, but if you find the mouse easier than memorising shortcuts, this tool is a bit more useful since you can also navigate to another section with it.