Show full name on cards in Corkboard

… when looking for an answer I saw that this has been asked already and that the answer was no. But 5 years have passed since than… maybe there have been any changes?

I think I remember seeing an option somewhere, that allowed to edit the number of lines being displayed, but I can´t find it anymore.

It would help to show the full contents when hovering the mouse over the title, but this does not work either. Also it seems like it is not possible to highlight the item in the Binder when clicking it in the Corkboard (in the Binder, hovering over the item will reveal the full contents of the name field as expected)

Everything seems so perfectly thought out that I somehow cannot believe that there is no way to see the full contents of a title in Corkboard view without having to switch to a different mode. I hope I am just missing something obvious ; )

I actually think you can the key is the size of the corkboard card or width of title space in outliner. Play with card sizes and if make one per screen can see long titles that is not a very useful view. I understand , you probably mean that whole title is displayed no matter corkboard card size.

Hope—with the promised feature parity—Windows finally offers these options…

If not, WT :exploding_head:

Screenshot 2022-07-2~2

I’m afraid not (yet)…

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Thanks for all the replies so far.

  • Changing card size unfortunately does not solve the problem.
  • two lines are better than one… still not a real solution though.

I think revealing the full title while hovering over it would solve the problem. I wonder if there´s a specific reason for why this is not implemented. It seems so obvious and it´s there in the Binder.

agree that would be very helpful and they have that function for the index card contents.

Exactly! : ) It looks like they somehow just missed it. The full contents are displayed when hovering over the content area AND name area while it actually should switch.

EDIT: toggling the displaying of full Name content or full body content by pushing ALT might be another solution… which also would make sense in the Binder.

Wow, oh wow, oh wow.

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