Show Full Title in Index Card on Corkboard?

Hi, I just started using Scrivener for the last two days really. I’ve been importing my current project and messing with the appearance and the like. I really like the corkboard feature and planned on using it for sequencing. I searched the boards and looked at the guide but still am not sure…

Is there a way to show the full title from the document on the index card? I know you can in outline, but I like the visual aspect of the corkboard. Thanks for any answers!

Given that it is drawing what looks like an index card, if would have to break what an index card looks like to display a really long title, so no it has to fit the text into the picture of what an index card looks like. :slight_smile:

The main thing you can do is make the card bigger—and you can make them pretty big. Play with some of the options in the “4 card” button in the lower right of the corkboard footer. Try using the aspect ratio feature to make wider cards.