Show Hard Returns

I just imported some text from another document and each line has a hard return. Is there a way for me to see the returns so i can delete them? Also are there any options for importing text files to control the hard returns?

I just bought Scrivener after i read the nytimes rave and after working on it for hours i’m not sure how i’ve lived without it. wonderful program.

many thanks and happy new year

If all else fails, you can use a free formatting app like TextSoap, PlainClip or (my fave) Devon’s free WordService to strip out those returns.

I’ve often done this by searching and replacing the double line breaks marking paragraphs by another character that it’s unlikely will occur in the text, like @ or #, then replacing the remaining single line breaks by spaces, finally replacing my spurious character by a single or double line break as preferred. Not elegant, but it works. I do it in Nisus with PowerFind Pro, or in TextWrangler, though so I can see the breaks and any problems … and also make use of the GREP facilities.


IF (note that word) you have a simple file format external to scriv you could use sed, perl or awk (not my favorite) to do this with relative ease. The biggest question is if the extra “return” is really a return (winblows file) or an extra newline. The carriage return is easier as it isn’t use in MAST mac formats (formats from redmon being an exception). Assume a source file of blah.txt. In a terminal window cd to the directory containing blah (or use a full path) and do

perl -pi.bak -e "s/\r//g" blah.txt

This will create blah.txt.bak which will be the original unmodified file, and a carriage return free blah.txt that you can import into scriv.

Use at your own risk, but if you have more specific needs let me know and I can see if I can provide you the correct regex replace line (the stuff in the s///).

The options above are definitely your best bet. Unfortunately there’s currently no way of showing invisibles. Scrivener uses the text engine built into OS X (the one used by TextEdit etc), which is supposed to support this only for fonts that support it - and yet no font I have found ever does! In other words, because Apple haven’t fully implemented into their text engine, it’s not available in Scrivener, and it would involve a lot of hacking into that engine to add it myself.

Anyway, thanks for buying, and for the kind words about Scrivener.
All the best,

thanks for all the tips and free software. I did a search & replace as suggested by xiamenese.

it’s a delicious feeling to write with a piece of software written and supported by people equally influenced by the muse as well as by the code.