Show hidden control characters

I miss the ability to see the hidden control characters such as word spaces and paragraph returns. What brings this to mind is my discovery that paragraphs recently imported from Word mostly start with a word space. As Scrivener currently stands, it’s hard to visually see for sure where that’s indeed the case. Likewise, to tell whether the space between paragraphs is a result of two paragraph returns or because the paragraphs have a single return with mandated extra points above the paragraph.

Small point, but would be useful.

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Hi Morley,

Scrivener relies on the OS X text system (the one showcased in TextEdit), and unfortunately this feature just isn’t available in that system. There are methods for this, but Apple don’t seem to have ever got around to finishing them (you just get square boxes between everything!). In fact, in the Apple dev docs, they say that this is only supported if the font supports it - but I have yet to find a font that does!

Coding this myself would be an incredible amount of work and involve getting into the nitty gritty of the text system even further than I have already (and I have done a lot with the text system to add such things as scalable images, inline footnotes and endnotes, the ability to import and export such things, Edit Scrivenings, widows and orphans and a lot more). And then, of course, this could potentially introduce bugs in typing, which is the last thing anyone would want in a text system.

So, I implore you to post this as an enhancement request for TextEdit with Apple, at:

A lot of people have asked them for it, and one more will help. If they implement it into TextEdit, Scrivener will get it.

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I wouldn’t want to pre-empt Keith’s response, but I’m wondering how this would be at all useful in Scrivener. I can understand how such a capability enhances page layout programs like Word and Pages, Mellel etc., but Scrivener is a writers’ development medium, IMHO unparalleled, and as such is concerned with content, not layout.

Just my twopence worth… :confused:

Whoops! Keith’s typing a deal faster than I am. Really must put the glass of red biddy to one side… :smiley:

For some reason when I attempt to sign in at that URL I get a inexplicable processing error message. Error repeats.

Perhaps someone else can do it for me.

Simple. Once my text leaves Scrivener I want it to be clean. That is, while I’m writing I don’t want to be puzzled by extra spaces in front of some paragraphs and not others, or have hidden, unwanted extra paragraph returns. Too distracting to the writing process.

Not that I expect to be cleaning up text all that frequently. By having a toggle command available gives me the option to see if there’s something odd going on and to fix it while in the process of writing. Preferable to returning text to Word or BBEdit, fix it there, and return to Scrivener.

Not a major issue in any case. As a new user (2nd day using Scrivener) this issue arose out of muddy text imported from Word.

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