Show/hide comments & footnotes

As a new user, I know asking foolish questions that are adequately answered in the manual and in previous threads is what we’re known for, but I have made a good-faith effort to answer this myself before coming here. If it’s in a previously-answered thread, please forgive me…

I’m typing in document mode, and to experiment I put in a footnote. It ended up not being what I was looking to do, so I deleted the footnote, but it left the Comments & Footnotes pane off to the side. How do I make that disappear? It makes the document typing part of the screen narrower than I’d like.

Many thanks!

As always happens, I find the answer almost immediately after asking. Never mind…

I’m struggling with this, would be grateful if someone can let me know how to hide the footnotes coloumn. I’d like it to appear when I’m inserting a footnote, but then would like to hide it after that. I searched the manual couldn’t find a reference to it and hence this post.


Googling saved me. For anyone searching this in the future, the shortcut to show/hide the comments and footnotes inspector, is the same universal shortcut for most inspectors in Mac. Cmd+Opt+i

As a further refinement, ctl-opt-cmd-L will open the Comments & Footnotes panel directly (whether or not the Inspector panel is already open). You still need to use opt-cmd-I to dismiss it, though.

There are similar shortcuts for the other Inspector panels - they’re on the View > Inspect menu. As a mnemonic, they all use ctl-opt-cmd and they follow the order of the icons in the bottom of the Inspector across the (UK) keyboard: H N J M K L. (Synopsis, which sits on the top of the panel, has ‘I’ from the top row of the keyboard.)

One of the reasons I love Scrivener is the amount of thought that has gone into such apparently minor details.