Show highlighted text in different color

When I select text, the selected text has a blue background.
Then when I click on highlighting, the supposedly highlighted text still has a blue background.
Not until I click on some othe text to leave the selected text, then the highlighted text will show its yellow background. (using Scrivener 1.5.3)

Upon engaging the highlight button but before the releasing of the selection, is it possible to change the background color to something other than blue (maybe green?) to show that the text has been highlighted? This can give an immediate visual confirmation that the highlighting has occurred.


Unfortunately it wouldn’t really work, as what if you selected some text that was highlighted and some text that wasn’t? The selection highlight can only be assigned one colour, so it would fail in this case. The trouble is that the highlight colour is really a background colour, and the OS X text system is set so that the selection colour takes precedence. I agree it’s a bit annoying and have tried changing the settings before, attempting to make the selection translucent or suchlike, but with no joy.
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