Show Invisibles in Compile's Replacements tab

For a certain compile setting, I needed to transform a single paragraph character/carriage return into 2 of them. i found that the Replacements tab in the Compile settings was the way to go, using the OPT key to add the invisible paragraph character. However, there is nothing to see when you enter this kind of character, and it would be very helpful if we could see the characters as revealed in the edit windows by invoking “Show Invisibles”.

Is there any way to make Scrivener always “show invisibles” in the Replace & With columns of the Replacements compile window?

Keith would have to build that in manually, there isn’t a way to turn on visibility in any settings. So you’ve come to the right place. :slight_smile:

Hmm, yes. My phrasing does look like “How do I do this?” rather than, “is it feasable for YOU to program it in?” At least the location of my post is a clue that I’m asking for an enhancement. :unamused: