Show Keep with Next

Is there a way to see if Keep with Next is On or Off without choosing it in the menu?

Show Invisibles does not seem to show it?

I don’t think there’s a built-in way, but I’ve been playing around and I think you can use styles to get close to what you want.

  1. Select a paragraph you want to apply Keep with Next to, but make sure Keep With Next is OFF.

  2. Press Ctrl+s to bring up the Styles panel, and then click on the plus sign to create a new style.

  3. In the dialogue box, name the new style (e.g. KWN), give it a shortcut for convenience (e.g. cmd-opt-9 and choose Formatting: Save Paragraph Style. Untick the two ‘include’ boxes, and (importantly), tick the ‘Draw highlight box around text’ box and select a colour. Finally, choose ‘Next style’ as none and press OK.

Now you’ve got a new coloured paragraph style called KWN, but it doesn’t yet have the ‘Keep with next’ flag. So, click in it and choose Format > Paragraph > Keep with next > On.

Finally, with the coloured paragraph selected, right click on the KWN style in the Style Panel and choose 'Redefine Paragraph Style from selection.

You’ll get the same dialogue box as before. All you need to do is click OK, bec

When you’re back in your text, you’re not changing any options.

Now you can go back into your text and click on any other paragraph and choose cmd-opt-9 to apply the KWN style: it will change colour and the Keep With Next style will be switched ON. (BTW, the paragraph colour is only visible in the Editor, it’s not compiled to the final document.)

Cmd-opt-9 is a toggle, so using the same shortcut again will turn the paragraph back to the default, removing the colour and changing Keep with next back to OFF.

Or, if you’ve applied the Keep with Next style to say a heading with its own style, just use that style’s shortcut and it will be applied, removing the colour and the KWN flag.

The advantage of this approach is that because you’ve now got a named style for Keep With Next, you can use all the usual tools on it – e.g. highlight one example of the KWN style, then right click on it in the Style Panel and choose ‘Select All Text with Paragraph Style’. You could then turn all your KWN paragraphs off in one go instead of having to search for them.

As I said, I’ve only played with this for a few minutes, so you’ll have to test it, but perhaps it will do what you want?

Why do you care?

For the most part, trying to maintain this level of formatting control in Scrivener is not likely to be a good use of your time. Scrivener is not intended to be a WYSIWYG editor. If you find yourself using Keep With Next so often that you need an indicator, you are probably setting yourself up for frustration later.

Want it to look like letter. :slight_smile:

Putting all text inside a table with 1 row & 1 column.
Is there perhaps a better way to accomplish this?

(Omg, what are you doing?) ← :wink:

Page view.

(Windows’ version screenshots:)

You could also use fixed width editor from the options :

Do you have a good reason to do so ?
Because this is not really (really not) the intended use of the software.

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Where do you

The proper place for dealing with such presentation issues is Compile rather than in Scrivener itself. Had a need to do something similar when convey that some dialogue is being conducted via Twitter or other messaging service then there I changed the font to Courier New, Later used Compile to finesse the presentation of these moments.

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If you want the style to be KWN at the end, you may as well set it that way at the start. No need to set it off, just to turn it on later.

No, because there is no character involved (invisible or not).

Shows in Microsoft Word… thought there might be something similar in Scrivener. :slight_smile:

Word has field codes embedded in the text.


Yes. Want to give instructions to compile to keep letter on one page. :cowboy_hat_face:

Okay that’s clearer. As originally stated you could have been talking about how the “letter” appeared on the screen as you typed.

Put it in its own section with a page break before and after.

And recognize that even that won’t help if you make the letter too long, or if a reader uses a large font on their Kindle.

I think I prefer “Keep with next”. But is there a easy way to see on the screen if I’ve marked the paragraph with “Keep with next”? Or do I have to choose command in the menu to see if it’s on or off?

(If I do the same thing in Word its marked with a little dot when show invisibles is turned on. )

Did you try the detailed steps I suggested in the first response to your initial post?

Did they not work?

Plan B… for now just wanted to see if “Keep with Next” is turned on or off…