Show Me Your Binder!

Thanks you all for sharing! So fun to see how you organise your projects!

Trying a new approach… with “sort of” structure from Save The Cat Writes a Novel in combination with Dan Wells 7point system.

So… Have all 15 beats from STC… but renamed beats to:

  • “0-6” for rough outline with multiple POV
  • “*” for other single scene beats,
  • “+” for other multi scene beats.


  • 6 folders, to track word count. 15 beats for POV for hero in the right order in these folders.
  • 1 folder “Unplaced” with beats 0-6 for other POVs. (You can only see one in the screen dump, I have one POV for Love, Hate, Past timeline/Other.) These I drag to the right place in folder 1-6, depending on where they match in the POV for hero. Folder “Unplaced” is empty when plotting is done.

Also have lots of keywords & custom metadata to keep me organized.