Show number of search hits in binder

Scenario: I type SEARCHTERM in search box. Binder view switches to “Search Results,” just those files/folders that contain SEARCHTERM, which is brilliant. Editor view shows SEARCHTERM highlighted in yellow, in context, which is even more brilliant.

BUT: I have no way of knowing if SEARCHTERM appears a SECOND time in the same file without scrolling the editor and looking for another highlighted SEARCHTERM.

WISH LIST: it’d therefore be brilliant beyond measure if the binder “Search Results” indicated the NUMBER OF HITS PER FILE/FOLDER, much the same way that the normal binder view displays the “subdocument count” (if that’s turned on in Options) with those little white-on-gray numbers.

MORE WISH LIST: and now that I think about it, it’d be great if that hypothetical Search Hit count updated automatically if, say, SEARCHTERM got deleted in a given file. (I often use Search to see how many times I’ve used a word, and if I see too many instances, I’ll kill or change a few… but that doesn’t change the binder Search Results, which is a GOOD thing in my opinion because, who knows, I might change my mind and put the word back, so I LIKE having the Search Results listing stay the same unless/until I manually re-run the search. But if the NUMBER of hits updated dynamically, I’d have the best of both worlds: the file would still be there in binder search results, but the hit count would read zero.)

Using (& loving) Windows v1.2.5.0, btw.