Show number of search results in a document

When searching now, the result is shown in yellow at the first found location.
Other results in the same document may be well below the bottom of the screen.
Showing the number of search results per document in the binder would alert you that there are more results to be found.

Adding to this, because I think it’s related and I just came here to suggest it: A “Find All” feature that selects all of the keyword in the document, with a total. I’d like to be able to format it. I can use a full search to get them all highlighted, but that’s kind of overkill for me and I can’t take a bulk action (except Replace).

Why: I overuse the word “just” in my writing. I want to find all instances of that word and highlight them. Then I scroll through and see where it hits an actionable density.

Alternatively: A Revision option that let’s you identify specific things in a revision color. I might be ripping off the Hemingway App here, though they don’t have repetition.

I was going to post about this issue, but found out I did before.

I still think it’s an omission to not show the number of results per document in the Search Results pane. In particular during edition sessions, I use search a lot to discover known issues in writing English.

As said above, many search results may be below the bottom of the screen and I don’t have any clue there are.

This results in needless scrolling through documents that contain only one search result and loss of time and efficiency.

A number of found results per document and perhaps even a way to navigate to the next found result in a document would be of great help and a timesaver in those phases of a project.

Edit → Find/Find Next/Find Previous, maybe? It won’t give you a count, but it will jump to the next/previous result and tell you when you’ve reached the end/beginning of the document.

If you’re working with a selection of documents that you found via the Project Search, you can load them as a Scrivenings session and then use the document search on that session.