Show # of items for each Keyword?

I use alot of keywords to tag sections of notes and literature (using scrivener for PhD) -

I want to see at a quick glance which Keywords have the most items - so that I can then do a keyword search on those items and create a new collection

I’ve close to 100 keywords, so I don’t want to have to search each individually to figure this out


This wouldn’t really be practical, as Scrivener would have to go through the project and look for keywords, then count them, to be able to show this information in the keywords panel, which would be very slow. What you could do, though, rather than searching for each keyword individually, is use project search to search for all documents with keywords associated - you do that by limiting the search to keywords only and searching for “*” (asterisk), which will return all documents with that type of meta-data. Then you just load up the search results in the outliner (by clicking on the search results header bar and switching to outliner mode), show the keywords column, and sort by keyword. Obviously this isn’t entirely perfect, documents with more than one keyword will be grouped with their first keyword, but it should give you an idea of how many you have for each.

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Could we get something like this in the output of Project Statistics?

Not really. :slight_smile: