Show only / Hide Footnotes or Comments in Inspector

I love having Inspector comments and footnotes alongside my editor. But as I work on multiple scrivenings at once, I’m noticing that some of my comments are red, some are yellow, and others are grey. I’d love to make them all the same colour.

Is there a way to hide all the footnotes, or show only comments, in the inspector? (Then I would select-all and control-click to change all their colours.)

Sections 16.2.1 and 16.2.2 in the Manual cover these inspector comments/footnotes, but not how to treat one or the other as a complete entity. (For instance, if I wanted footnotes to have default formatting, but comments to be in bold type, or something.)

~ Michael

There is no way to expand or contract by type. You can use Cmd-0 and Cmd-9 to do this, but it will not actually hide them, just collapse them so they don’t take up as much space. Nevertheless, footnotes do not take colour options, anyway, so it is safe to select everything and use the contextual menu to make the colours for the notes uniform.

To adjust the default font for notes and footnotes, you’ll find options in the Formatting preference pane. You’ll want to adjust the Inspector Comments Font to something with a bold variant. You can change how footnotes appear here, too.

Of course! I forgot that selecting all would not affect the footnotes’ colour. Thanks for this.