Show only one label on corkboard


Brand-new user here…I am trying to show cards for just one label on the corkboard, but cannot see how to do it. Can you help?


This is a little complicated so bear with me.

  1. Go to the search box in the top right.
  2. Type in label name.
  3. Click the little triangle by the magnifying glass.
  4. Make sure search in label is selected and choose other options as you desire.
  5. Search results will appear in their own tab in the binder like a collection.
  6. Select all results.
  7. Choose corkboard mode.

Hope that helps!

You can save the search as well, if you’re going to want to access it regularly. In the search bar, click the magnifying glass and down arrow to get a menu of search options and at the bottom you’ll see “Save Search…” This will allow you to give a name to the collection and save it as a tab over in the binder area, so you can access it by clicking the Collections icon or in View>Collections.

It will also get a little more convenient to use in future updates, as you’ll be able to load the collection in the editor just by clicking the header bar in the binder rather than selecting all, but this hasn’t been added yet.

As a small addenda to that: if you intend to view items from this label frequently, you might want to click on the magnifying glass again, once you have everything set up, and at the bottom choose “Save Search…”. This will add a tab to your Collection list which you can then click on at any point in the future to recall. Collection tabs can be revealed and hidden by clicking on the blue filing folder icon; second position from the left, in the default toolbar—or View/Collections/Show (Hide) Collections (Ctrl-Shift-9).

Many thanks, Stacy,