Show path / location of item in Binder?

Can one show the path / location of an item in the Binder?

You’re almost there, click on the icon and use the “Path” menu to see a descending list of containing folders; click on one to navigate the editor to that point and select it in the binder. Or you can just leave the mouse in the title bar there to get a tooltip.

Thank you. And sorry for my poor expression. I meant, how can Scrivener permanently show the complete path (in that line or else always being visible).

I canot geit it to work, no such tooltip appears hovering the pointer over that line, the item name in the bar.

There’s no option for that specifically. You can’t see it yet, but the design of the bar will be taking on different forms of information here that would conflict with a path printout.

Hmm, it should be, but I see it’s in the list as needing to be fixed. Sorry for that misdirection.

Alright, not possible at the moment.

OK, so after fixing it it will work.

Many thanks