Show path of document in editor?

How can I show the path / location of a document opened in the editor automatically?

I thought there was a way to automatically display the path in the header, but I can’t find it so I must have been wrong!

You can access the path fairly quickly by clicking on the icon next to the document’s title in the header and choosing Path. Alternatively, click Reveal in Binder to reveal the document’s location in the Binder (ctrl-shift-8).

There’s other navigation tools … but it depends what you’re trying to do and how well you know Scrivener!

There is no path shown with me.

Yes, that’s a bit inconvenient, I would like the path / locations just be shown without doing any action.

Well, well, I just want Scrivener to show the path. What does depend on how well I know Scrivener?

Do you see the document’s title in the header of the editor pane? If you do, the click on that icon, and you’ll get a number of items in a contextual menu, among them a “Path” menu.

If you don’t see the header bar, then the menu View->Layout->Header View will add it to the top of the editor.

Yes, that is all available, but clicking “Path” does not show a path but the title of the document(s).

Does it list other files below the file you’ve selected? These are the files which contain that document eg ‘John Smith’ with ‘Characters’ below it indicates a file about John Smith contained in a file called Characters. If you only see one file, I imagine it’s the file at the top of a container (IE not contained in another file or folder) so obviously there will be no path.

I just didn’t want to lecture you on tools you may already know about! I can point out a few more navigation tools but it sounds like all you want to do is see the path not navigate round your project so that won’t help!

I see, so the “path” is splitted in rows and its elements are shown among each other, the highest level at the bottom, alright, somehow strange.

Yes, that is right, I understand, thanks.

Yes, it’s not just a passive read-out of the path, but a functional tool for getting to any point in the path in a non-linear fashion. Click on any of its ascending parents to jump straight to that level in the editor.

OK, alright, I will try to do so.

I agree with Biff, though - it would be really convenient to have an option to show the full path to a document, especially when one is browsing through multi-document search results.

Like the Path Bar in the MacOS Finder: … title-bar/ – the finder Title Bar icon behaves the way the Scrivener icon does, but clearly the brilliant minds behind the Finder envisioned scenarios where a path view would be useful, too. I leave this on all the time for distinguishing similar / duplicated documents in Spotlight results.